Cannabidiol (CBD), Is It Safe?

by Earth Mined on July 02, 2019

Is Cannabidiol CBD Safe

We are living in the early stages of the “Green Gold Rush”, with cannabis businesses popping up left and right – establishing a multibillion-dollar year industry almost out of thin air (at least legitimately now, anyway).

CBD products – products that use cannabidiol – are more popular now than ever before. These products are being advertised as everything from an anti-inflammatory solution to an antidepressant, antistress agent, anti-anxiety medication, and even an all-natural healing agent to fight back against cancer.

To be honest, CBD and cannabidiol is being promoted today as pretty much “anti-anything you don’t like”.

Some people are even mixing and cannabidiol into cocktails and candies, skin cream and coffee. There is even talk about CBD bars and cafés opening up all over America as the Green Gold Rush marches on.

But is cannabidiol safe, and just as important, is it all that it is made out to be in the first place?

Let’s dig a little deeper!


Better Understanding Cannabidiol and All It Brings to the Table

Scientists and researchers have been digging into everything that cannabis plants may or may not be able to offer the world of medicine for decades now, but interestingly enough it wasn’t until the late 80s and early 90s that these same scientists and researchers started paying attention to CBD instead of THC (the other cannabidiol in cannabis, the one that gets you high).

Researchers at the US National Institutes of Health were able to isolate the chemical compound CBD in cannabis as a potential game changing new all-natural medicine. In early tests, this “miracle molecule” was able to shield neurons from oxidative stress – a cell destroying process quite common in a lot of neurological conditions, diseases, and disorders (particularly epilepsy).

This research built on the back of Brazilian research conducted in 1980 by scientists that were treating epileptic patients with CBD to see if it would have any impact. Almost immediately these Brazilian scientists discovered that the patients given CBD stopped having seizures completely, while the control group (then given sugar pills as placebo) continued to exhibit the same symptoms they had before the protocol began.

In fact, CBD is now found in a pharmaceutical drug specifically designed to combat epilepsy – a drug that has been granted approval (the only one using cannabis compounds as an ingredient) by the US FDA.

That’s a pretty significant stamp of approval.

Today you’ll find CBD oil and CBD compounds found in everything from skincare products to concentrated tinctures and ointments, gummies and coffee, and even beer – all of it promising game changing health benefits (and some of it actually able to deliver the goods).


Is Cannabidiol Safe, Though?

A lot of people remain a little skeptical about diving headfirst into the world of CBD products even if they are excited about the potential benefits, if only because we as a society have stigmatized cannabis plants so much over the past hundred years or so.

The most important thing to understand about cannabidiol (especially when it comes to safety) is the fact that it is not at all alike THC, the psychoactive compound and “cousin” to cannabidiol in marijuana that actually gets you high.

Sure, some CBD products are going to contain trace elements of THC. But the overwhelming majority of high-quality cannabidiol options are going to have less than 0.3% THC in them (allowing them to be sold over-the-counter and online, as any higher level of THC re-classifies them as a controlled substance in the United States and prohibits them from sale completely) – and you aren’t going to have to worry about getting high with CBD at all.

As far as side effects are concerned, you just aren’t likely to run into any real side effects using cannabidiol at all (provided that it is a quality source of CBD that you know you can trust).

CBD interfaces with our own endocannabinoid receptors, almost exactly mimicking the molecular structure of biochemicals that we naturally produce all on our own (albeit in smaller amounts). This external source of cannabinoids are able to flood our endocannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system and beyond, releasing their payload of health boosting benefits efficiently without ever screwing with the underlying biochemistry or our hormonal balance.

That’s a big part of what makes cannabinoids so exciting, particularly for modern medical researchers and scientists the world over.

We are just now beginning to scratch the surface of what these amazing little biochemicals may be capable of and so far the answers we do have our leading many to believe this could be the “next big thing” in the realm of all-natural medicine.

More research is obviously necessary to fully understand exactly how CBD products can benefit us in the short and long-term. But there’s never been a more exciting time than right now to dive headfirst into everything cannabinoids have to offer – without having to worry about any side effects whatsoever!




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