The Best Methods for Taking CBD

by Earth Mined on June 20, 2019

CBD Oil Dosages

Over the last few years, CBD oil has garnered a reputation as being able to alleviate all kinds of medical issues – all with an all-natural approach that brings absolutely zero negative side effects (in the short or long-term) to the table.

We are talking about an all-natural oil made from cannabis plants that can:

  • Relieve aches and pains almost immediately
  • Calm your mind and win the war against anxiety or depression
  • Clear up your skin and your complexion and
  • Can even help protect your body against neurological diseases and disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s

The research into how CBD oil dosages are able to pull off these modern miracles is ongoing, with new breakthroughs discovered on a regular basis to build off of what we already know that this “miracle molecule” is capable of.

At the same time, plenty of folks are interested in taking advantage of everything CBD oil has to offer – but many aren’t sure of where to start, what CBD oil dosages to begin with, and how they should be using CBD in the first place.

This quick guide will clear everything up for you in a jiffy!


Highlighting the Best Ways to Take Advantage of CBD Oils

Though there are literally thousands and thousands of CBD oil products available on the market today there are really only three major ways that you can take CBD oil:

  • Orally by ingesting CBD oil products
  • Topical application or
  • Inhaling/vaporizing CBD oil dosages

Each of these three methods are going to deliver the powerful payload of benefits CBD oil brings to the table, they are going to go about getting CBD into your bloodstream in different ways. That means that you will feel the effects of CBD faster or slower with some approaches, but you also have more or less CBD actually reach its ultimate destination depending on the methodology you use as well.


Consuming CBD Oil Dosages Orally

If you’re going to be consuming CBD oil you’re likely going to choose either tincture style CBD oil products or edible style CBD products, both of which are designed to get a decent amount of CBD into your bloodstream ASAP but also are designed to “drip freed” the rest of that CBD oil payload over a variable stretch of time so that you continue to see these benefits for a longer duration.

Tinctures give you the ability to control your individual dosages in a way that just isn’t possible otherwise. You’ll be able to use the included dropper to add just the right amount of CBD oil to food, beverages, and snacks – maintaining complete control over how much of a CBD oil dosage hits your bloodstream in a specific amount of time.

Edibles are another way to gain a lot of control over the process, though you’ll find most CBD oil dosages for edibles available “over-the-counter” will come in standard formats of between 5 mg and 20 mg apiece. Medicinal style dosages can go up to 100 mg in the world of edibles, and of course should you choose to make your own edibles at home (it’s really pretty easy) you can use a tincture to customize your individual dosage on your own.

It takes upwards of two hours for CBD to hit your bloodstream and you to start feeling the effects when you consume CBD orally. It can also last for upwards of eight hours before you have to re-dose.


Topical Application of CBD Oil Dosages

The human body has quite a few cannabinoid receptors throughout every square inch of our skin which makes topical application of these kinds of products very, very effective.

CBD oil, CBD lotion, and CBD gel (usually mixed up with aloe vera or a chemically neutral gel) can all provide topical and “spot treatment” for localized pain and inflammation that you may be dealing with. You’re also going to see incredibly fast results with this approach because of the quick delivery and absorption mechanism of topical CBD oil dosages – with a taking just about 20 minutes to 40 minutes for CBD to start working when applied topically. The duration of these individual dosages is quite short compared to consuming CBD orally, though. You’re looking at a duration of between two hours and four hours or so.

 Topical CBD Cream

Inhaling CBD Oil Dosages

If you’re interested in lightning fast onset of CBD benefits with a relatively short duration that can stretch up to six hours or so, depending on the individual dosage, you’re going to want to look closely into inhaling CBD oil for sure.

CBD vaporizers and CBD concentrates work just the same way that traditional vaporizer pens work, just instead of using tobacco “juice” you will be using a CBD product in its place. The big benefit here is that you can take advantage of full-spectrum CBD that includes all kinds of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that you might not have been able to enjoy otherwise – though this kind of product is a little bit more expensive than your average CBD oil.

A lot of people find vaping CBD oil to be one of the most relaxing ways to make the most of this all-natural healing agent, again because you are in total control of the overall dosage by choosing to hit the vaporizer more frequently or to draw things out a little bit over a longer block of time.




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