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A few days ago I was doing research on nuclear war, world war 3, and potential nuclear targets and safe distances from those target sites when I came across the NUKEMAP.. The U.S. nuclear target map is an interesting and unique program unlike other nuclear target maps because it lets you pick the target and what size nuclear device that the area you chose is hit with and then shows the likely. The result is a map game which allows you to nuke any location on Earth. Nukemap was actually created to raise awareness about nuclear bombs. Although these bombs are common things in movies, sometimes we do forget that nuclear bombs are a real thing. By creating this map mashup, Alex wanted to show people what a nuke could do to our cities and.

In a nuclear attack, there’s no avoiding the brutal math

NUKEMAP, created by Alex Wellerstein, a nuclear historian, allows people to explore the blast radius of a nuclear bomb anywhere in the world. Users can select the tiniest bomb ever designed, all.

Nuclear blast radius map. The Exclusion Zone was established on 2 May 1986 () soon after the Chernobyl disaster, when a Soviet government commission headed by Nikolai Ryzhkov: 4 decided on a "rather arbitrary": 161 area of a 30-kilometre (19 mi) radius from Reactor 4 as the designated evacuation area. The 30 km Zone was initially divided into three subzones: the area immediately adjacent to Reactor 4, an area of. Within a 6-km (3.7-mile) radius of a 1-megaton bomb, blast waves will produce 180 tonnes of force on the walls of all two-storey buildings, and wind speeds of 255 km/h (158 mph). In a 1-km (0.6-mile) radius, the peak pressure is four times that amount, and wind speeds can reach 756 km/h (470 mph). Choose a bomb and experience the power of a nuclear blast in your area Español. Menu. Who is Outrider? Outrider believes that the global challenges we face together must be solved by working together. Among the greatest threats to the future of humankind are nuclear weapons and global climate change. Outrider makes the bold claim that both.

Effects scaling equations taken from Carey Sublette's Nuclear Weapons FAQ. Options: Auto-zoom Don't log anonymous usage data. Tweet! NUKEMAP2 has launched! Try it now! It has better effects calculations, radioactive fallout contours, casualty estimates, and many other advanced features!. Blast effects. By default, Nukemap assumed a 150-kiloton-yield warhead would explode 1.03 miles (1.65 km) above the city. An aerial detonation maximises a nuclear bomb's destructive power, since it allows the blast's energy to spread out. If a bomb is detonated on the ground, the soil absorbs more of that energy. This is where a new nuclear proximity interactive map by Esri (one of their many cool disaster response maps) comes in handy. Scroll around to see the 65 active nuclear plants scattered across the.

Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator – also from the FAS. This tool is “to give an idea of the devastating blast effects of ground-level, shallow subsurface, and low-altitude nuclear weapon detonations.” Choose a city (New York again is absent) and a bomb yield. Clicking anywhere on the map will move the location of detonation to that point. Nuclear Blast, one of the world leading Heavy Metal Online-Shops is the number one when it comes to ordering CDs, Vinyl, T-Shirts, DVDs and Tickets, as well as accessories such as Band Shirts, Girlies, Accessoires and a lot more from the Heavy Metal scene. The Online shop, specialized on Heavy Metal, offers, among others, products of Heavy Metal icons such as Metallica, AC/DC, Motörhead. Its companion app, Nukemap, lets users pick their target and see how the target zone would be affected by a nuclear blast, including the fireball radius, radiation radius, air blast radius, and.

If a nuclear bomb went off on San Francisco, almost the entire tip of the peninsula would disappear under the fireball, shockwave, radiation, and catastrophic heat spreading from the blast. Outrider’s interactive nuclear blast map allows users to quickly put in their data and get a nice map of the fireball, shockwave, radioactive ring, and heat blast. It’s got options too. Nuclear Blast Radius Calculator Made on 12-20-2014 Written in Javascript.. Effects on a map. Fireball / 20 psi radius . 10 psi radius . 5 psi radius . 3 psi radius . 1 psi radius . 3rd degree burns . 2nd degree burns . 1st degree burns . 1000 rads radius . 500 rads radius . Drag marker to make changes take effect. There is currently a bug.

Nuclear blast radius map for residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, published in "Your Civil Defense Manual – A Handbook On Personal Survival" (1956) Close. 75. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Much of the destruction caused by a nuclear explosion is due to blast effects. Most buildings, except reinforced or blast-resistant structures, will suffer moderate damage when subjected to overpressures of only 35.5 kilopascals (kPa) (5.15 pounds-force per square inch or 0.35 atm). Data obtained from the Japanese surveys found that 8 psi (55 kPa) was sufficient to destroy all wooden and brick. NukeMap, an online tool created by Alex Wellerstein, allows you to see the impact if a bomb was detonated in your city – or any city in the United States – and what affect it would have on the.

For more about the nuclear past and present, follow @wellerstein on Twitter, and read Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. Tweet. Other options: Auto-zoom Don't log usage data Grayscale map. NUKEMAP is hosted by: the College of Arts and Letters, The SD zone may have a radius on the order of a 0.5 mile (0.8 km) for a 10 KT detonation. Blast overpressure that characterizes the SD zone is 5-8 psi and greater. See also: Damage Zones after a Nuclear Detonation & "Zoned Approach" to the Response; Damage Zones, Radiation Zones and Likely Rescue Activities after a Nuclear Detonation: Table

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